There are many reasons to downsize. As we age our needs change, it is important to always keep a comfortable living environment and adapt to the changes around us.

Why Do You Want To Downsize?

For some of us it is no longer practical to climb the stairs everyday, or keep up with the maitenance of a large home. When children move out, we find ourselves left with empty rooms. The cleaning and maitenance becomes too much, especially when that space is no longer being used.

Tips to Make Downsizing Easy

  1. Consider Your Needs - Does your family visit often? Do you need space for hobbies? A home office? Storage? Picture your current lifestyle, what items do you use regularly? What items have been collecting dust?

  2. Sort your belongings into categories. A simple system of keep, toss, or donate, can help you move through a large portion of your belongings quickly.

  3. Avoid taking on your whole home at once - It can be taxing to to deal with all the memorabilia at once. It can helps sorting through your possesion room-by-room, rather than tackling your whole house at once.

  4. Go digital - Are boxes of pictures taking up sapce in your home? Consider moving your pictures to a digital format. Preserve these photos online and allow your whole family instant access to them. Switch to a digital frame and allow for a slideshow of all of your favourite photos. Your realtor can help you find someone to help with the transfer, or you can try for yourself and you may find yourself interested in a new hobby!

  5. Give yourself time to reminisce - It can be hard sorting through possesions and memorabilia. It's okay to take a break for awhile and let yourself experience the nostalgia. Take your time, but consider starting early so you can get the job done.

  6. Gift heirlooms to family - It can often be daunting to get rid of sentimental items. Consider gifting heirlooms to family members, this way they will still remain in your life, and you will still be able to revisit those memories without having to hold space for them in your own home.

  7. Work with the right realtor - If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, it's good to have a realtor that can help you through this process. Ray Riley works with a team of professionals that excel in getting your home organized, on the market, and find you a home that's just right for your needs.

  8. Stay Positive - It can be frusturating to downsize. Many people stuggle with nostalgia when moving homes. Remember to focus on the positives of getting into your new home!

Do Homeowners Need to Let Go Right Away?

It is beneficial to begin sorting through your belongings before the home goes on the market. This means that the transition will be smooth later, and you will be prepared and organized when the time comes to make the move into your new home. However, it takes time to sell a primary home, so prepare to list early so you're ready to act when you find your perfect home.

Thinking of Downsizing? These Bungalow Villas might be right for you...

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